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Kyla Charles- Box Out Apparel

Kyla is a 12-year old girl from Caledonia, MI who was inspired to give back after watching her mother battle breast cancer. Kyla used her love for basketball & art to start a company called Box Out Apparel. Kyla now designs apparel, including a collection of basketball practice jerseys, shooting shirts, warmup hoodies and casualwear. Kyla’s mother was a part of our Beautiful You Program and Kyla’s generous heart has decided to donate a part of her proceeds from the sale of her apparel back to the Beautiful You Program. You can help support Kyla’s efforts to give back to our program by checking out her website or Instagram and making a purchase! We are very grateful to Kyla for her support of the Beautiful You Program.

Instagram: @boxoutapparel

Website: boxoutapparel.com

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